Women’s Resource Center provides a variety of free services, so you can make an informed and empowered choice for your unplanned pregnancy! 

Rise: Abortion Recovery Counseling

Abortion is not just a simple procedure; it may have many side effects. Abortion has been associated with preterm birth, physical, emotional, and psychological impact. For those who have experienced an abortion, we offer free post-abortion counseling classes and individual sessions. Call to set up an appointment to join a Rise class.

Empowered Parent Classes

In “Empowered Parent” you will join a community of women who are walking through the same stage of pregnancy as you are. You will learn everything you need to know about your baby’s sleep, feeding, and even understanding your baby’s cry. After each completed class you earn points to shop for supplies in our baby boutique. Our boutique has everything you could possibly need like diapers, wipes, clothes, car seat, crib, formula and so much more for FREE!

Parenting is a learning experience for everyone therefore there is no age, marital status, racial, or financial limitations to this program. We believe every single parent can be empowered to be the best parent they can be!

Empowered to Thrive

Empower to Thrive teaches students how to form healthy relationships in a world full of relational chaos.  Our mission in the schools is to equip students with truth and empower them to make healthy decisions to reach their optimal health. We do this through the use of learning tangible skills, games, activities, and open discussion to ensure students are engaged and fully understand the information.

Community Referrals

Women’s Resource Center Mobile can provide you with referrals to community resources, including financial and/or housing assistance, substance abuse recovery, food assistance, and domestic violence help. Contact us for more information.

Financial And/Or Housing Assistance

  • Catholic Social Services
  • Mobile Community Action
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way
  • Dumas Wesley Community Center
  • Mobile Housing Board
  • Alabama Baptist Children’s Home
  • Mary’s Shelter
  • Family Promise
  • McKemie Place
Community Resource Referrals Graphic
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Substance Abuse Recovery

  • Mission of Hope for Men & Women
  • Home of Grace
  • Pasco Home (Recovery & Transitional Housing)

Food Assistance

  • Feeding the Gulf Coast
  • 128 Project

Domestic Violence Help:

  • Penelope House