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We are here to walk with you on your journey. We provide free and confidential pregnancy services for women and their families. Let us help you understand your options.


Because everyone should have access to medical education and services, even our ultrasound exams are provided free of charge.


We will not share your information with anyone unless it is required by law to disclose. We hope to gain your trust by being compassionate and keeping everything that is said and done during your appointment confidential.

Your Options

We know that unplanned pregnancy can create a lot of questions with no easy answers. Let us help you understand your options.

Considering the Abortion Pill?

Abortion pill checklist:

If you are considering taking the abortion pill, you will want to first determine the following:

  • Verify you are actually pregnant.
  • How far along your pregnancy has progressed.
  • The location of your pregnancy.
  • Rule out medical conditions that could make you ineligible to take the abortion pill.

Women’s Resource Center can help provide this information with free pregnancy testing and free ultrasound services. Women’s Resource Center does not provide or offer referrals for the abortion pill.

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Our team of trained professionals are here to review your pregnancy options with you and help you be educated, empowered, and equipped to make the best decision. You are not alone in this decision, and no matter what you decide, we will be here for you.